Olympus is Rising – A Step Change in North Carnarvon Basin Imaging
October 23, 2017

Spectrum’s Julian Mather and Nicolas Hand discuss, Olympus, the recently completed comprehensive broadband reprocessing project made up of 19 contiguous legacy 3D surveys in the North Carnarvon Basin, offshore the North West Shelf of Australia. First Published in Geo ExPro, October 2017.

The reprocessed dataset covers nearly 20,000 sq.km and encompasses 180 km of the Rankin Trend along the south-eastern margin of the shelf, where over 30 oil and gas fields have been discovered. The data is complete to PSTM (Pre-Stack Time Migration) and as the PSDM (Pre-Stack Depth Migration) nears completion the astounding fidelity of the data is bringing new insights to rejuvenate exploration in this prolific basin.

The early results of the Olympus comprehensive broadband PSTM dataset, the first of its kind in the North Carnarvon Basin, have not only shown the significant uplifts that can be obtained from modern reprocessing of legacy data but have also revealed the potential of the ability to embark on fully integrated 3D basin studies tied to hundreds of wells. Even now, as the PSDM version of this data is being generated, the possibility of unearthing nearby exploration opportunities along the Rankin Trend looks very promising.

Olympus fig 1

Further afield across the Victoria Syncline the Olympus data will rejuvenate exploration by allowing accurate basin modelling and reservoir mapping to unravel the details of complex but potentially prolific charge migration and trapping systems that have been barely touched to date.

The fortunes of Olympus and the underlying Mesozoic basin are truly rising!

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Olympus is Rising – A Step Change in North Carnarvon Basin Imaging