Spectrum adds more Multi-Client Seismic to Mediterranean Portfolio
November 25, 2013

Spectrum and Fugro Data Services have signed an agreement that provides Spectrum with the exclusive marketing rights to Fugro’s Multi-Client data in the central Mediterranean region (see attached map).

Spectrum is recognised as an industry leader for Multi-Client seismic data in the Mediterranean with extensive high-quality 2D data offshore Spain, Italy, Croatia, Syria and Lebanon. Much of this data has been the subject of recent acquisition or reprocessing to fully modernise the library. The location of the Fugro data offshore Italy and Malta is perfectly on trend with Spectrum’s existing coverage in the region. The agreement also includes the Fugro data library onshore Libya.

In short, Spectrum now has the marketing rights to an additional 21,000km of seismic data; making the company’s position in the Mediterranean even stronger.

New data in RED. Click above for full size image.

New data in RED. Click above for full size image.

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