A Career at Spectrum

Who is Spectrum?
Work2Spectrum is a dynamic, fast-growing seismic services company focusing in producing specialist images of sub-surface geology, which help oil companies to find oil and gas.

As a Group we currently have over 200 employees in 10 key locations around the world and place a strong emphasis on attracting, developing and retaining talented, skilled people. Spectrum is a progressive, equal opportunities employer; we pride ourselves on recruiting the best people from a wide and diverse talent pool.

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Why Work at Spectrum?
Whatever your area of expertise, great people are fundamental to Spectrum’s success and you will become part of a team that is passionate about sharing knowledge and encouraging innovation.

We seek people with diverse skills and experience, plus the enthusiasm and motivation to help drive our business forward. Joining Spectrum will open the door to exciting prospects, a rewarding career path and opportunities for advancement. Our people use their skills in all kinds of positions, from geoscientists to business development, data management to geophysicists and a host of many other exciting roles.

Work1Spectrum recognises the importance of developing people and works to identify and support high performing employees to establish them as our future managers. The result is a stimulating and evolving environment where individuals are encouraged to learn from the very best in the business, for an organization that is keen to invest in your future. We value the continuing professional and personal development of our staff and support learning and development at every stage of your career.