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Optimizing Velocity Model Building for Modern 2D Programs in Frontier Areas – Doing More With Less

November 14, 2018
With the necessity for more economically efficient business models, the integration of geological and geophysical workflows has proven to be a successful strategy for lar... read more

Application of an Envelope Inversion and FWI Workflow to Frontier Exploration in Argentina

Spectrum’s Mark Roberts explains the application of  modified envelope inversion as “an initial step to provide a workflow suitable for executing projects i... read more

Offshore Lebanon: Solving the Eastern Mediterranean’s Oil Mystery

October 22, 2018
As Jane Austen might have said: “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that exploration companies possessing acreage in the Eastern Mediterranean must be in want of b... read more

Shallow Water 3D in South Gabon: A New Generation of Hydrocarbon Prospects

September 3, 2018
In volume 36 of First Break  Paolo Esestime, David Eastwell, Karyna Rodriguez and Neil Hodgson challenge established exploration techniques in South Gabon by revealing ... read more

Seismic review highlights deep-lying potential of West Malvinas basin

September 1, 2018
Spectrum’s Steve Devito, Neil Hodgson and Karyna Rodriguez write in this months Offshore Magazine about the potential of the West Malvinas basin after the Argentine... read more

3D Seismic Delivers Pre-Salt Imaging Offshore South Gabon

July 3, 2018
Spectrum’s Neil Hodgson and Karyna Rodriguez examine the latest 3D surveys revealing structure never seen before offshore South Gabon. Article published in the Jul... read more

Brazil Regional Prospectivity: Highlights for Future Rounds

June 28, 2018
In the June 2018 edition of GEO ExPro Spectrum’s Karyna Rodriguez, Neil Hodgson and Richie Miller look at the regional prospecitivity of Brazil and what this means ... read more

Seismic Identification and Applications of Methane Hydrate as a Future Energy Source

June 15, 2018
Karyna Rodriguez, Neil Hodgson and Hannah Kearns discuss the various applications of seismic BSRs (Bottom Simulating Reflectors) associated with methane hydrate zones, fr... read more

Time-frequency vector median filtering and its application to noise attenuation

June 14, 2018
Tim Seher (Spectrum Geo Ltd.) and Fernando Perez Ortega (University of Leeds) evaluate how coherent and incoherent seismic noise complicates the analysis of seismic data ... read more

New Light on Northern Argentina

May 10, 2018
Spectrum geologists Hannah Kearns, Karyna Rodriguez and Steve DeVito shed new light on Northern Argentina in this months GeoExpro. New seismic data offshore Argentina rev... read more

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