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The Future is Now

July 1, 2019
This abstract, written by Spectrum’s Neil Hodgson and Karyna Rodriguez, was originally submitted for the EAGE 2019 Convention held in June 2019. Since 2014 some 70%... read more

Class IV AVA Anomalies in High TOC Shale, a Case Study from Namibia, West Africa

This abstract, written by Spectrum’s David Eastwell, was originally submitted for the EAGE 2019 Convention held in June 2019. Amplitude vs Angle (AVA) analysis has ... read more

Hunting for Africa’s New Transform Play Trends

June 27, 2019
Karyna Rodriguez¹* and Neil Hodgson¹ demonstrate how the Brulpadda-1 discovery in the Southern Outeniqua Basin, offshore South Africa, will lead to exploration for simi... read more

Davie Ridge: Cretaceous Incipient Subduction Zone in the Mozambique Channel

This abstract, written by Spectrum Geoscientist Anongporn Intawong, was originally submitted for the EAGE 2019 Convention held in June 2019. The Davie Ridge has been obse... read more

Seismic Recognition and Evaluation of Mixed Turbidite Contourite Systems

June 19, 2019
Spectrum’s Karyna Rodriguez originally produced this abstract for EAGE 2019. 2018 saw a series of major discoveries in what is conventionally classified as deep wat... read more

De-risking a Turkish Delight

June 3, 2019
Spectrum’s Neil Hodgson, Anongporn Intawong and Karyna Rodriguez looks at new data which reveals the potential for a new super basin – an accessible oil play lyin... read more

Croatian Pannonian Basin Licence Round Hydrocarbon Potential Assessment

May 30, 2019
Spectrum’s Karyna Rodriguez¹*, Neil Hodgson¹ and Howard Nicholls¹ discuss an enhanced dataset revealing deeper potential within a proven Badenian hydrocarbon sys... read more

Deepwater Northern Argentina- A New Frontier

May 29, 2019
Steve De Vito (Spectrum Geo) discusses the potential of the Deepwater area in offshore Northern Argentina. This  information was presented at AAPG ACE 2019 in San Antoni... read more

Observed link between folded Seaward Dipping Reflectors (SDRs) and large-scale morphology and architecture of the Early Cretaceous carbonate build-up and platform in the Orange Basin

April 24, 2019
Spectrum’s Anongporn Intawong¹*, Paolo Esestime¹ and Karyna Rodriguez¹ demonstrate an Early Cretaceous carbonate build-up reef structural closure prospect, in Vo... read more

Oil prospects in the Mozambique Channel: where incipient subduction meets passive margin

March 27, 2019
Spectrum’s Anongporn Intawong¹*, Neil Hodgson¹, Karyna Rodriguez¹ and Phillip Hargreaves¹ demonstrate encouraging play prospects identified together with sea su... read more

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