New opportunities and play concepts in the Adriatic Sea & Levantine Basin

Peace, D.G, T. Stieglitz and R. Spoors, 2012. Petroleum Geoscience, in press.

There is significant opportunity in re-working older data with modern geophysical technology to develop new plays and concepts in the Eastern Mediterranean. New exploration success and higher commodity prices have encouraged both majors and independents to reconsider the Mediterranean as a viable entry point to North African and Southern European energy markets.

Opportunities & Play Concepts in the Adriatic & Levantine.pdf

Two case studies in the Adriatic Sea and Levantine Basin are examined for play concepts and leads using vintage seismic data re-imaged using modern imaging techniques integrated together with a geologically driven workflow. The Adriatic was selected based upon maturity of hydrocarbon discovery; in comparison the Levantine basin ranks as a region of new territory which we are only just beginning to understand.


Peace (EastMedCo), Stieglitz (Spectrum)