Southern North Sea: Unexplored Multilevel Exploration Potential Revealed

Neil Hodgson*, Karyna Rodriguez and Richard Wrigley.
Published in First Break, Volume 32, June 2014

As exploration evaluations for the 28th UK Licensing round draw to a close, the industry can reflect on the fierce competition for acreage in the Dinantian (Early Carboniferous) play at the northern margin of the Southern Gas Basin. First gas production from the Breagh Field in October 2013, confirming the commerciality of the play, prompted a regional play-fairway study which was quickly followed by the acquisition of a dense 2D seismic programme in 2013. Intended to define the prospectivity of the Base Permian, this survey has imaged the intra-Carboniferous remarkably well allowing, for the first time, the potential of this sequence to be mapped and evaluated with confidence. Furthermore, post-salt charge modelling and seismic AVO-modelling reveal prospects at higher stratigraphic levels, indicating multi-level exploration potential in an exciting new play-fairway.

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The UKCS Southern North Sea has two major NW-SE trending plays defined by Permian (Rotliegend) and Carboniferous gas fields (Figure 2), with the Middle Carboniferous play working to the Northeast where the Rotliegend Sandstone facies is absent. North of the main legacy plays, the northern parts of Quads 42 and 43 have been little explored since the limits of the Rotliegend and Middle Carboniferous plays were established, however, a secondary Triassic Bunter Sandstone play is proven in the Esmond and Forbes Fields…

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Hodgson, Rodriguez, Wrigley – Southern North Sea: Unexplored Multilevel Exploration Potential Revealed

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