The Italian Adriatic Sea – Bringing New Life into an Established Region

Dave Peace, Dave Brown & Enzo Zappaterra – SD Exploration (SDX)
Rich Spoors, Gary Scaife, Dave Rowlands and Debbie Sewell – Spectrum Geo Ltd (Spectrum)
Published in The Leading Edge, July 2012, SEG (Society of Exploration Geophysicists)

The Italian sector of the Adriatic Sea extends from the Gulf of Trieste in the north to the Otranto channel in the far Southeast, with water depths of generally less than 200 meters for the most part especially in the northern part of the sea. It is a long established hydrocarbon province and in the past has been a very successful exploration area with numerous large biogenic gas fields discovered in the shallow Pliocene and Tertiary section. Many of these gas fields such as Ravenna, Porto Corsini and Porto Garibaldi in the Northern Adriatic (Zone B) offshore Po Valley region were put into production decades ago and have been steadily supplying Italy with a large portion of her domestic gas requirements.

Unfortunately over the last 10 -15 years or so, exploration in the region has been slowing down and the area has become significantly sidestepped and overlooked while companies went elsewhere in the world. As a result, the Adriatic Sea is presently only about 40% licenced.

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