The Geoscience Team

GeoscienceTeamClouds-02The Geoscience team offers a wide range of sub-surface expertise and experience. The team is led by several chief explorationists who have extensive global expertise gained in major international and national major operating companies such as Amoco, Britoil, Premier, BP, BG and PEMEX. The senior team members have led and participated in many successful global exploration and new venture teams and bring a wealth of expertise to the Geoscience Team. Their extensive knowledge and expertise provides key input and guidance to Spectrum management decisions, regional interpretation projects and staff mentoring. Their industry contacts are also important in liaising with various academic research projects.

The Geoscience team have over 20 years’ experience working for a variety of companies and for national institutes. The team members are highly qualified, many up to PhD level, from several top UK universities. The team has developed an extensive global knowledge, having worked in many different basins and environments, acquiring a very diverse skillset including interpreting large 2D and 3D datasets, integrating potential field data, tectonic analysis, petrophysics, hydrocarbon play assessment and prospect evaluation. The team produce prospectivity reports and is proactive in identifying new global exploration opportunities. Our interpreters also work closely with the data processing team to focus on resolving depth imaging and velocity modelling issues. The team is actively involved in research projects liaising with researchers at several UK universities.

Our Geographical Information System (GIS) team provides a holistic knowledge of above surface issues impacting oil and gas exploration with over 30 years of technical GIS and industry specific experience. The team is actively involved with the design and delivery of 2D and 3D seismic acquisition campaigns, seismic reprocessing programs, GIS products and remote sensing analysis reports.

The skills of the geoscience and GIS teams combine to produce integrated regional evaluation reports.