QC Displays/Tools [Time]

Spectrum uses a mix of Paradigm interactive tools and utilities developed in-house, such as SpaSV which also offers a secure facility for clients to QC data remotely.

Geometry Assignment and QC

Geometry definition, assignment and quality control are key to successful data processing. Spectrum uses the interactive functionality of Echos to write information to the geometry database. Subsequently the geometry information is assigned to the seismic data.


Echos provides the geophysicist with quality control displays of station locations, shot positions, and cable configurations. These displays may be interrogated for appropriate information, and edited. Automatic checking for infrequent geometry occurrences (e.g., irregular shot move-up) is provided. These quality control displays are integrated in the Echos interactive geometry program, to allow easy update of the geometry database.

Channel RMS QC.  Channel RMS amplitude is plotted along the vertical axis, shots are plotted along the horizontal axis.  This QC is used to quickly highlight bad channels or shots.  This plot can be generated from temporal windows or the entire trace length.

Survey grid and seismic lines overlaid on a basement horizon used to hang de-noise attenuation