Exploration Sans Frontières – New Spectrum Seismic Survey Links Namibia with S. Africa

In what’s believed to be a first for the region, Spectrum’s latest 2D Multi-Client survey offshore western Africa offers a unique perspective of the central Orange Basin by providing a full grid of coverage across the border between Namibia and South Africa. The 3,500 km survey completes the second phase of a 6,000 km seismic program linking key wells and discoveries on either side of the border.

Cross-Border_Survey_Map-Namibia-South-AfricaMany observers believe that the extraordinary oil and gas potential offshore Namibia and South Africa has yet to be fully realized, while new exploration technologies and new seismic are rejuvenating this margin. Results from wells drilled by HRT provide a proven, working source in the area which supports evidence from abundant oil seeps, basin model studies and high resolution 2012 – 2015 seismic. All of which underpin excellent prospects for future exploration drilling campaigns.

This exciting new program has come as a result of collaboration between Spectrum and the respective hydrocarbon authorities in the region, Namibia’s NAMCOR and South Africa’s PASA, both of which have active and on-going offshore exploration opportunities.

Spectrum is now able to offer over 65,000 km of high-quality, modern 2D Multi-Client seismic from the Orange to the Naimbe Basins following extensive long-offset acquisition programs between 2012 and 2015. Spectrum has acquired over 30,000 km of new long offset 2D seismic within the Luderitz and Orange Basins offshore Namibia and South Africa. All data is processed through full PSTM and includes angle stacks and AVO products. Over 10,000 km has also been processed through a full Kirchhoff Pre-Stack Depth (PSDM) sequence.

In addition, over 30,000 km of high-quality legacy 2D Multi-Client seismic offshore Namibia is available from Spectrum in eight individual surveys. This vintage data includes a 1989 regional survey, a 2003 prospect-specific survey acquired in the northern Walvis Basin and a comprehensive suite of surveys around the Northern Orange and Luderitz Basins.

The survey is supported by industry funding.

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