Explore Australia in 3D for 2015 and beyond…

Spectrum now holds a record-breaking 3.3 million km of 2D seismic data and 700 thousand km of 3D data across the globe, following a transaction which has more than doubled the size of our existing library.

Our Multi-Client seismic library now includes over 133,000 sq km of 3D data in the North West Shelf of Australia including the Carnarvon, Browse and Bonaparte basins. Several of our surveys coverage blocks which have been included in the 2015 acreage release as well as over highly prospective farm out opportunities.

The high spec 3D data library is set to receive a significant enhancement in imaging quality following Spectrum’s plans to enhance the entire 3D library through a broadband pre-stack depth migration (PSDM) sequence. This will create exceptional imaging quality of subsurface prospects.

Contact us to discuss our data package options or visit our website to explore our huge collection of seismic data and discover how we are further enhancing the library through our latest prospectivity reports, reprocessing projects and seismic acquisition programs.

Exploration Scout Map (high resolution):