New 2D Multi-Client Project in Sergipe Basin offshore Brazil

Sergipe (3) The new acquisition program will tie key wells in the basins, including the recent Barra, Muriu, and Farfan discoveries in the Sergipe Basin. The discoveries in the Deepwater area, 3 Billion Barrels Oil in Place and rising, are in turbidite channel systems of Mid-Cretaceous to Early Tertiary age.

The data is being acquired with a 10,000 m long offset to record the necessary information to understand the basins’ architecture as well as image the prospective zones in the mid and lower Cretaceous sections.

The Sergipe-Alagoas Basin in northeast Brazil, part of the Eastern Margin, has been producing oil and gas for more than 40 years from the offshore area. Since 2010, Petrobras has proven a new offshore province, out board of existing production. Within this 10,000 km2 area, Petrobras and partners have discovered more than a half a dozen fields that warrant further evaluation and preliminary development plans are ongoing.

In all, approximately 20 exploration and appraisal wells have been drilled in water depths from 1000 m and out to 3000 m. The discoveries, 3 Billion Barrels Oil in Place and rising, are in turbidite channel systems of Late Cretaceous to early Tertiary, and older, rifted basin fill. It is highly probable that these plays extend further outboard to the east/southeast where they have an added opportunity in basin floor fan setting.

To the northeast, primarily in Alagoas, the channel fill sediment play, rifted basin fill, and faulted Paleozoic sediments is the exploration opportunity. Spectrum is acquiring new 2D seismic in these prospective areas of the Sergipe and Alagoas Basins, as well as reprocessing existing seismic.

The data is being collected by the vessel BGP Challenger and will be processed in Spectrum’s processing center in Houston. PreSTM and PreSDM data will be available in Q4 2014.

To supplement the new acquisition in this active exploration area, Spectrum has just completed the reprocessing of 8,130 kilometers of data through both PreSTM and PreSDM and is also offering this data to industry in order to get a head start on the expected upcoming round in 2015.

Richie Miller, EVP Multi-Client North & South America, comments: “Following on from our successful Equatorial Margins campaign for Round 11, we have commenced the Sergipe 2D program. We have experienced good client interest due to the lack of existing modern seismic data in the deepwater and ultradeepwaters. We are confident that the data will be highly valuable for the industry ahead of the next licensing round in the area.”

The survey is supported by industry funding.

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