Seismic Sheds New Light on Northern Argentina

Offshore northern Argentina has attracted very little industry interest over the years. A lack of success in exploration campaigns in the late 1960s and mid-1990s can now be largely attributed to a lack of understanding of rift basin/rifted volcanic margin architecture and to inadequate acquisition and imaging technology. Recent billion barrel discoveries in analogous basins on the Atlantic margin, utilizing state of-the-art seismic and drilling technology with current geological concepts on source rock and reservoir development, suggest this underexplored part of the world could be one of the last frontiers for both shallow and deepwater exploration.

Spectrum’s Multi-Client library now includes over 50,000 km of newly-acquired data over the Austral Malvinas and the Argentina Deepwater basins, presenting some of the year’s most promising
exploration opportunities. This modern, premium, long-offset seismic data is processed and ready to give explorers the competitive advantage in unlocking these exciting new areas. Both surveys are being acquired with 12,000 m offsets with continuous recording to enable extended recording lengths and high fold data to support full interpretation from Moho to water bottom. The new data has already assisted the Ministry in block placement and design for 2018/2019 licensing rounds.

Recent analysis of a subset of this survey along with shipborne and regional satellite-derived gravity and magnetic data has revealed exciting insights into crustal architecture and exposed huge potential for significant oil and gas discovery. A full summary of this analysis was shared in the GEOExPro publication which can be found via the link below.

GEO_ExPro_New Light on Northern Argentina