New Oil Discovery in Sergipe Basin, Brazil. Spectrum Seismic reveals AVO anomalies

Petrobras announced on June 1st 2015 that the 3-SES-189 well (Poco Verde 4) which is being drilled in 2479m of water has encountered a new oil accumulation in the Sergipe BM-SEAL-4 concession. The well has encountered light oil in 85 m of good porous and permeable sands and is the 3rd successful well drilled in the Poco Verde area.

This discovery adds to the growing number of oil discoveries in deep water Sergipe Basin and is only 14 km west from the oil and gas discovery well 1-SES-168. The reservoir could be represented by one of the numerous AVO anomalies visible on the Spectrum 2D dataset and the most likely pay unit would be the deepest anomaly down dip of the dry 1-SES-156 well where the AVO response is different. The well is expected to continue drilling to 5350m.

Below, Spectrum geoscientists have used Sergipe Basin data from our Multi-Client seismic library to illustrate the AVO response…