New Paleocene Deepwater Fan System in the Porcupine Basin

Providence Resources has identified a 400km² Paleocene deep water fan system, sourced from the Porcupine Bank to the north-west, situated within Frontier Exploration Licence (FEL) 2/14 in the southern Porcupine Basin. The new prospect “Druid”, is vertically stacked above the previously identified Lower Cretaceous “Drombeg” prospect, and exhibits a mounded geometry consistent with a thick, high porosity sandstone reservoir, which terminates up-dip by an erosive channel. The mounded feature is reportedly associated with a Class II AVO anomaly, linked to a fluid escape feature from an underlying deeply buried rotated fault block. Elsewhere in Porcupine, Amoco reported light tan oil bleeding from a Paleocene deep-water sandstone core taken in their 35/18-1 well in Cairn-operated FEL 1/14, c. 190 km east-northeast of Druid.

Paleocene deep water fan system

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