Niobe well dry, but it’s not the end for the Moray Firth!

In Greek Mythology the ancient story of Niobe, and especially her sorrows, is featured in Homers Iliad. The recent prospect sharing the name drilled by Suncor Energy and Partners in the Moray Firth has followed a similar theme by failing to find hydrocarbons in the Jurassic Burns Sandstone, however this does not spell the end for exploration in the region.

The Moray firth Is one of the few remaining areas of underexplored play in the mature UKCS. Spectrum along with our technical partners Beagle Geoscience, have identified a multitude of stratigraphic leads in the Cretaceous and Jurassic intervals, with proven high quality reservoir sands, proven source rocks and a direct analogue to the Giant Buzzard field. We see exploration in the region just beginning and believe our data can further enhance the regions prospectivity.