Gabon Discovery in Pre-Salt Sands

Petronas has confirmed a crucial new oil and gas discovery as a result of its Boudji exploration well offshore South Gabon in pre-salt sands. The Boudji-1 well is located at a water depth of 2,808 m in the Likuale (F14) Block, and encountered 90 m of gross high quality hydrocarbon-bearing pre-salt sands. The well reached a total depth of 5,449 m from rotary table.

The same rig is currently drilling the Ivela-1 well operated by Repsol in the adjacent Luna Muets (E13) Block in a water depth of 2,668 m. The Ivela well also target pre-salt reservoirs at a proposed total depth of 5,490 m.

Both the Likuale and Luna Muets Blocks are covered by Spectrum’s 2D Multi-Client seismic data (see map, right) which is regionally extended across the entire Gabonese shelf. The pre-salt structural high, rotated fault block trapping mechanism of the Boudji-1 well is clearly visible on Spectrum’s seismic data. Similar structural highs related to fault block rotation are identified on Spectrum’s newly acquired 3D PSTM seismic data located in the shallow water open blocks of southern Gabon (figure 2).


Image left: Spectrum South Gabon 3D PSTM showing similar structures, related to fault block rotation, to the Boudji-1 structure (top) and first ever full imaging of the pre-salt structure at the Muruba oil discovery made inboard in shallow water (bottom). Click on image to enlarge.

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