Repsol and Woodside’s Ivela-1 Discovery

Repsol, along with their partner Woodside, announced that they encountered oil in the Ivela-1 exploration well in the Luna Muetse (E13) Block. The well intersected a 78 m gross oil column, with the final assessment yet to be concluded. This comes just a month after Petronas announced a significant discovery in pre-salt sands using the same rig to drill the Boudji-1 well in the nearby Likuale (F14) Block.

Spectrum holds an extensive 2D Multi-Client seismic library covering both the Luna Meustse and Likuale Blocks regionally extending across the Gabonese shelf and also new 3D in close proximity again targeting the pre-salt but in shallow water. These latest discoveries, coupled with a clear indications that the Gabonese Government are looking to improve the attractiveness of their terms, will ensure that the focus stays firmly upon Gabon’s highly promising hydrocarbon prospects.

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