Porcupine Basin Prospectivity Enhanced by AVO Response Report

Providence Resources have provided a technical update on the Drombeg Prospect in the Southern Porcupine Basin. In 2013 Spectrum reprocessed the Southern Porcupine dataset which covered 4347.63 km and is situated to the East of Drombeg. Seismic interpretation on Spectrum’s dataset has identified the edge of the deep water basin fan complex along with other similar amplitude anomalies located updip in Cretaceous and Paleogene sediments, which are potentially sourced by fluid escape features/gas chimneys from underlying Jurassic sediments.

Providence suggest the Drombeg fan is sourced from the Porcupine Bank via a sediment feeder system. They have identified the anomalies as Class II and Spectrum has also carried out some internal AVO work which has identified several AVO anomalies throughout the seismic with Type II AVO phase reversal and brightening negative response in the far offset stacks.