Spectrum commences 2D Multi-Client survey offshore Western Australia

Spectrum-Rocket-MC2D-Press-Release-Map-No-data-frame-250x400px Spectrum has commenced phase 1 of its 11,000 km Rocket Multi-Client 2D seismic survey in South Carnarvon, and North Perth Basins, offshore Western Australia. This first phase comprises 4,200 km and the survey has received strong support from industry.

The new acquisition program has been designed to complement the newly acquired Geoscience Australia research survey in the Houtman Basin. Additionally, Phase 1 of the Spectrum survey ties with wells Herdsman 1 and Pendock 1.

Several major source rocks are present in this underexplored area throughout both basins in Mesozoic and Palaeozoic units. These have been proven to source reservoirs in the North Carnarvon Basin. Several potential reservoir units are present throughout the basins and ample potential trapping structures exist due to the large scale faulting and folding from continental break-up. Spectrum intends to un-lock the potential of this region through this new seismic program.

The seismic data is being collected by the vessel M/V Duke operated by GardlineCGG. Data will be acquired utilising a deep tow cable and then processed by DUGeo in Perth, Australia utilising their DUG Broad Deghosting. Pre-STM and Pre-SDM will be available, complemented by a multi-beam seep study at the beginning of Q3 2015.

The survey has significant support from Total E&P, who has provided valued technical input on the survey design, acquisition parameters, and will be involved in the processing.

Jane Conder, Spectrum’s Commercial Director Asia Pacific, commented: “This is an exciting acquisition kicking off our project plans for 2015, which will be further developed by extending down into the Perth Basin. We are pleased to be able to bring this newly acquired data to the market”.

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