Spectrum completes new Adriatic Multi-Client project

Spectrum has completed the reprocessing of approximately 8,500 km of regional 2D seismic data from the Italian sector of the Adriatic Sea on a Multi-Client basis.  The original surveys were acquired by the Italian government as part of a study to highlight the hydrocarbon potential of the Adriatic Sea. 

The majority of production in the region is from Pliocene age gas fields, many of which have multi-TCF reserves.  However, the deeper potential of the Adriatic has yet to be fully explored and this reprocessed data library, which shows many un-drilled structures, should lead to a greater understanding of the hydrocarbon potential within the Adriatic Sea.

The reprocessing was carried out in Spectrum’s state-of-the-art processing centre. The data is now available and it has already triggered significant industry interest through the direct hydrocarbon indicators highlighted.


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