Spectrum processes Bahamas Petroleum Company’s Bahamas Survey

Spectrum recently completed the successful acquisition of long offset data for Bahamas Petroleum Company (BPC) in the southern blocks of Bahamas waters close to the border with Cuba, and seismic data processing is currently underway at its Houston Data Processing and Imaging Centre.

Previous data in the area are from the 1980’s, using FK demultiple and post stack migration technology. Modern acquisition and processing techniques are proving effective in providing significant improvement in the quality and resolution of the data.

Sample seismic section from BPC data

A combination of 2D Surface Related Multiple Elimination (SRME) to attenuate water bottom related multiples and High Resolution Radon demultiple to attenuate faster interbed multiples has been used. These techniques have been successful in minimizing multiples in this dataset. The data also benefited from specialist noise reduction using Spectrum’s proprietary NoiseRM process.

Previous data in this area used only post stack migration, but for the new data two passes of Kirchhoff Pre Stack Time migration have been used: The first pass to produce a migration velocity field with analysis every 1 km, and the second pass to finally migrate the data more accurately. Subsequently, a final velocity analysis was run on this migrated data to provide a final stacking velocity.


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A sample high resolution seismic section is available as a high resolution JPEG image by return.
Caption: Sample seismic section from BPC data