Spectrum’s Seamless DRS and Multi-Client Seismic Library Ready for APA2019

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate has announced the opening of the annual APA (Awards in Predefined Areas) on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Spectrum has a large 2D and 3D database that can assist companies to evaluate this acreage efficiently.

Spectrum’s Seamless DRS exploration toolkit in alliance with Lyme Bay Consulting covers 166,000 km2 over APA acreage in the North Sea and Norwegian Sea Barents Sea. Lyme Bay’s Digital Reconnaissance study creates horizon-consistent surfaces from every reflector within the dataset over which amplitude, spectral decomposition and semblance attributes are overlain to produce a high resolution reconnaissance tool enabling intra-formational stratigraphic and structural features to be identified.

Within the Barents Sea Spectrum’s high quality SWB (South-West Barents) and Norsel High broadband projects cover prospective acreage.

SWB comprises over 14,100 km2 of recent vintage 3D seismic data, reprocessed with a modern broadband processing workflow.  The combined coverage lies just north and west of the Johan Castberg discoveries.  The southwestern part of the survey that lies within the APA area, contains similar structural features and prospective zones within the Paleocene-Eocene and Jurassic-Cretaceous.

The NSH survey combines new 3D seismic acquisition from 2017 combined with two contiguous surveys (NSH12 and BST4) to provide 3600 km2 coverage of modern broadband processed 3D over acreage with potential for prospectivity from the Jurassic to Carboniferous levels adjacent to the Nordkapp Basin. The survey images several large structural closures and covers the Norvarg and 7226/11-1 gas discoveries.

With Spectrum’s regional broadband processed 2D coverage of the Barents Sea (NBR), Norwegian Sea (MNR) and North Sea (NSR) surveys companies have the full toolkit to evaluate the prospective acreage in the APA2019 licensing round.