Cartier 3D: NW Shelf Australia

Outstanding Uplift from Newly-Reprocessed Data

Cartier Map

Spectrum has recently completed broadband reprocessing the 2,810 km2 Cartier MC3D survey which has resulted in significant uplift over the legacy data after processing through a modern de-ghosted PreSDM workflow.

The Survey covers an area of exciting prospectivity with proven hydrocarbons systems. Situated to the west of the Puffin Fields, one of the key achievements of the reprocessing is the enhancement of the natural AVO quality, obtained by focusing on flattening the far angles and confirmed by well results over Triassic and Cretaceous targets, with improved understanding and in some cases increasing the size of existing prospects.

Cartier-Seismic-Annotated-ULDImproved structural and deep section imaging, has greatly enhanced imaging of faulting geometries revealing new structures not previously resolved, whilst enhancing the primary target in the productive Puffin Formation. Broadband data has given rise to new Eocene basin floor fan sands, Palaeocene, intra-Triassic sands and also a previously underexplored major Permian reefal play that is clearly mappable.

Covering 45% open acreage, the Cartier PreSDM presents a unique opportunity to de-risk prospects and to high grade new plays in the area.

Use the slide below to compare our newly-enhanced data with the legacy seismic…


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