Spectrum-Geopex History

The joint-venture company, Spectrum-Geopex, was established in 1996 following Managing Director Mr. Dia Mahmoud’s search for an international partner to help expand the services of his original company Geopex.

Over the next 10 years the 2 companies – Spectrum and Geopex – worked together to build their new company into a significant force within the North Africa and Middle Eastern seismic services market. From humble beginnings in a 4 room office outside Cairo to today’s large 3-story seismic imaging complex, the company has seen significant success.

Since first offering Seismic Imaging services back in 2000, the company has steadily built itself as a reliable, dedicated source of high-quality seismic processing in the region. This growth has been greatly assisted by Dia Mahmoud’s highly respected reputation in the Egyptian and Middle Eastern geological community. Dia has used this geological knowledge and those of his Spectrum colleagues to perfect the GeoProcessing technique which has become a signature of the Spectrum-Geopex service.

Success is not always easy to quantify in the seismic services industry but with no less than 10 confirmed hydrocarbon discoveries directly attributable to the seismic imaging results of Spectrum-Geopex there can be no doubt as to the real-world value of their expertise.

GeoProcessing_GraphicAn illustrative example of Geoprocessing