Spectrum-Geopex Services

Seismic Processing
Spectrum-Geopex Egypt Ltd. provides seismic data processing services to an increasing number of major multi-national oil companies. Our geoscientists take pride in providing a high quality service coupled with geological integrity.

Spectrum-Geopex undertakes the seismic processing and imaging of 3D and 2D land and marine data at the regional data processing centre in Cairo. More specialized services such as AVO, Inversion and Depth Migration are also provided. In addition, Spectrum- Geopex, in collaboration with Geopex Limited, provides integrated seismic data processing / reprocessing and interpretation services.

The experience and dedication of our geoscientists are essential ingredients to the exceptional service ethic of Spectrum-Geopex. This experience has been utilised on a range of 3D datasets and projects including pre-stack time and depth migration. Close liaison with the client in order to maximize the amount of geological input into the data and achieve the final object of each project has always been a high priority. Both the professionalism and dedication of our geoscientists and the technological advantage of a secure, remote access link using Secure Global Desktop software facilitate this vital component of our service. This efficient seismic processing environment also enables Spectrum-Geopex to achieve, and exceed client turnaround expectations.


Carefully selected seismic processing software tools used at Spectrum ensure the results delivered to our clients are to the highest possible standard. Spectrum’s proprietary SPA package is maintained and developed by an in-house software development team. This software is specifically designed to provide the latest technologies and link smoothly with specialist third party processing software including Claritas. Claritas allows for real-time interactive parameter testing and sophisticated velocity and first break modelling tools. The Claritas processing system is a comprehensive and interactive processing software package which runs on UNIX SMP servers and clustered Linux systems.

The Spectrum-Geopex regional seismic processing centre is fully integrated with the global support functions of the Spectrum Geo group of companies.

Spectrum-Geopex is the leading scanning, reconstruction and post-stack processing service provider in Egypt with clients from around the globe. Using Spectrum’s Geoscan software our geophysicists can convert old paper sections or well logs into enhanced digital media.

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Geopex Limited
An additional benefit offered to our clients is the availability of the services of our sister company, GEO Petroleum and Exploration Services Limited (GEOPEX Ltd.). These services can be offered separately or as a turnkey solution:

3D-2D Seismic Data Interpretation and Prospect Appraisal
Turnkey integrated seismic data processing reprocessing and interpretation
Exploration and Development Acreage Evaluation and Economic Assessment
Integrated Basin Analysis and Regional to Mega-regional Exploration Studies
Surface-to-surface integration of Depositional Sequences and Structural Trends
Designed Training Courses, Programs and Workshops for Petroleum Explorationists, and Exploitationists.